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Public Adjuster Services

What Is A Public Adjuster?

Tennessee Code, Section 56-6-902 states in reference to the definition of a licensed Tennessee public adjuster business entity, "Public adjuster" means any person, other than someone who is employed by an insurance carrier, who, for compensation or any other thing of value, on behalf of the insured: Acts or aids, solely in relation to first party claims arising under insurance contracts that insure the real or personal property of the insured on behalf of an insured, in investigating, verifying, sustaining, estimating, appraising, determining, presenting, and discussing the value of the claim, and effectuating the resolution of a claim for loss or damage covered by an insurance contract".

Public Adjuster representation is offered separately from Centennial Services construction services as we have a Licensed Tennessee Public Adjuster on staff.  However, the services can work in conjunction with one another to offer a duel service in an insurance claim scenario.  Thus, you will be represented individually by our Public Adjuster and then Centennial Services can offer the construction services as well. Therefore, by having a Public Adjuster whom is licensed by the State of Tennessee, we are fully empowered as stated above to represent you with your first party claims. Which simply means we can represent you, the policyholder, with any residential, commercial, or business claims that may arise under insurance policies attached to those residential/commercial properties or your business. We can assist you in receiving the coverage you deserve from your insurance company! Contact me for a Free Insurance Claim Consultation!

Public Adjusting Services We Offer!

First and foremost, we are an ethical company. We will pursue your claim based on our extensive experience within the insurance and construction fields. Our integrity is paramount within our business model, and you can expect to be treated fairly. Also, you can expect us to be ethical yet firm in dealing with your insurance company. We offer claim level representation at a fraction of the cost of legal representation.  Although, we do not provide legal representation, we do have contacts in the legal field who can assist if legal level assistance is necessary. However, it is not always necessary to take legal action to resolve a claim. Attorneys can charge extremely high fees, and our goal is to resolve your claim at the claim level for a fraction of the cost of an attorney.  And of course, we on average recover 30% to 70%, and often much more, on a typical claim than a homeowner would receive on their own.

How we can help homeowners?

- We handle various types of property claims including fire, smoke, water, wind, hail, vandalism, and more!

- It is the policyholder's duty, per their policy, to provide evidence of a loss, therefore we represent you with your homeowners/commercial/business claim as the process can often be cumbersome during a time of stress for you.

-Most insurance companies offer 30-70% less than they reasonably owe for your claim. Therefore, we assist you in applying the appropriate effort and expertise to get you the coverage you deserve!

-One of the vastly underpaid items on typical larger fire and water claims is personal property. Even insurance companies who want to pay, are unable to unless you, the insured, provide an inventory of every lost item down to your q-tips. That's where we step in.

-Two ways we can help!

- We can help at the beginning of the claim, which is best. We typically can recover 30-70% more coverage than would have been offered by your insurance company if you completed the claim on your own! 

- We also can help after the first payment which is not as advantageous as the insurance company has already taken a stance. However, we can re-open your claim and assist you in acquiring the coverage you deserve!

-People often believe the insurance company adjuster can handle the claim properly for them. However, it's an unfortunate reality that often their staff adjuster is just too busy, improperly trained, inexperienced and simply required to protect the insurance company's bottom line in handling your claim. That's where we step in to assist in taking the necessary time and applying the required expertise to maximize your claim!

-We earn a fraction of your ultimate recovery. Always far less than you receive! And far less than an attorney would charge. We do not offer legal services, however, often an attorney can charge an exorbitant fee for a 'claim level' resolution. Attorneys are often needed in 'court level' resolutions, and we can bring an attorney in if necessary. However, many times the matter can be handled at the 'claims level' by a public adjuster for a fraction of the cost with the same results given no legal service was actually required! Hence our value to you the policyholder.


Insurance offers $10,000, If we're involved, we can on average recover $13,000- $17,000+.
-B-Insurance offers $30,000. If we're involved,we can on average recover $39,000 to $51,000+.
-C-Insurance offers $100,000, If we're involved, we can on average recover $130,000-$170,000+.

- Our service is financially risk free. If we don't recover coverage for you then you don't owe us a fee at all. Why wouldn't a person employ the use of a public adjuster. It's the logical choice when maximizing the coverage you deserve is the goal!

How we can help property management companies, mortgage companies, banks, realtors, plumbers, and contractors of all kinds?

Plumber, fire/water restoration contractor, contractors of any type

- Assistance in ethically and professionally bringing your client's claim to it's appropriate level so the client and the contractor are paid appropriately!

Property Management

- Short sale assistance to maximize value retention prior to sale

- Free property inspection of rental inventory

- Assistance in ethically and professionally bringing a claim to it's appropriate level so the homeowner receives maximum value

- Increased rental value through claim improvements to home

- Increased home value through claims

- Increased customer loyalty through claim assistance

Mortgage Company/Bank/Realtor

- Assist with claims coverage upon appraiser demands prior to sale

-"As is" sales - assisting with claim prior to sale to maximize value retention

-Normal sales - free property inspection, we facilitate claim, home value is increased prior to sale, higher commission for salesperson, higher return for company

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